Drones - robots development

Our drones are capable of swimming, flying and drive on terrain. We can develop any size drone or robot depending your needs.

Prototyping and small series production

We can create product from idea to fully working product.

  • Process automation
  • Lighting solutions
  • Automation solutions
  • Video surveillance integration
  • Prototype's 3D modeling
  • Prototype's drawings
  • Electronics and mechanics development for prototype
  • PCB development
  • Selection of electronic components
  • Assembly of electronics
  • Electronics soldering
  • Design and production of mechanical devices
  • 3D spausdinimas SLA metodu iš dervos (iki 130 x 82 x 160mm).
  • Design and production of mechanical devices
  • 3D modeling
  • Preparation of 3D device visualization
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